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Simply monitor your MasterCard credit card activity with the MasterCard In Control app. Now, you can know exactly how, when, and where your eligible cards are being used – for more peace of mind.*+

Spending is a personal thing, and MasterCard In Control lets you keep it that way. Through easy-to-set-up purchase alerts, you’ll receive real-time email and mobile app notifications that keep you informed of where and how your MasterCard credit cards are being used.* It also helps you manage your finances with an easy-to-use budgeting tool. The alerts provided through this application are provided at no additional charge^.

Feel more secure and confident by knowing how, when, and where your eligible MasterCard credit cards are being used.*+ You can customize your settings so you receive:
• An alert based on purchase amount; get notified in real-time of purchases that exceed the amount you set*+
• An alert when a purchase is made online or over the phone+
• An alert to notify you if your card is being used for purchases outside of the United States or any other country you designate+
• An alert when your self-selected monthly budget has been exceeded*+


With MasterCard In Control, you decide what’s important. You can:
• Receive alerts only for the purchases you want to know about
• Update alerts at any time using the MasterCard In Control mobile app or website+
• View your spending against the monthly budget amount you set+
• Access your MasterCard In Control service online or within the app for the latest information at your fingertips. Update your service no matter where you are+

you will need to login with the credentials you created during registration at

You will immediately be notified whether your credit card is eligible for MasterCard In Control when you enter your card number during the registration process at .+ MasterCard In Control is offered for U.S. MasterCard credit cardholders only and eligible cardholders will need to register online prior to using the mobile app. If you do not have a MasterCard credit card and would like more information please visit

1. Visit to get started. Sign up and add your eligible MasterCard credit card(s) to your profile.
2. Choose your alerts for purchases that exceed a set purchase amount, occur online or over the phone, occur outside the US, and/or exceed your set monthly budget.
3. Download and install the MasterCard In Control mobile app. With the MasterCard In Control mobile app, you can change your alert preferences anytime, anywhere.*
4. Elect to receive push notifications, email notifications or both.
5. View alert and purchase history from the app or online to keep an eye on your spending.

Terms and Conditions:

* You will only receive MasterCard In Control alerts for purchases processed by MasterCard.

+ If your mobile phone or device is off, out of range, or subject to a variety of other conditions, you may not receive all messages or messages may be delayed. Cellular and other wireless transmission services and networks are inherently insecure and subject to service disruptions, weak or dropped signals, and other failures over which MasterCard has no control. MASTERCARD ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY FOR ANY DELAYS OR FAILURE TO RECEIVE ALERTS OR OTHER MOBILE-BASED INFORMATION OR ANY SECURITY BREACHES RELATED TO ANY OF THE FOREGOING.

^ There may be fees and penalties charged by your internet services provider, telecommunications provider or any other third party in connection with your use of MasterCard In Control, including the mobile app.






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