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Feirox is a web utility where you can find & download the most ( and probably the best ) smartphone apps and games in apk and xap format. So what’s the big deal and why it’s different than the android market or windows market? Well, there’s quite a lot and here’s few.

  1. We provide you with the executable file. You can download it one time and keep it for life. If you reset your device to the factory default you can install it from the backup without downloading it again.
  2. You can share the downloaded file to friends via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or by anything , test it or break it. Do whatever you want, there is no limitation.
  3. When you install any app or game from Android Market/Google play/Windows marketplace, there is some waiting time when the installation starts. Sometimes it takes about a minute. It’s really annoying. Here in Feirox, there is no waiting time. Just hit the button and let it go.
  4. It’s a problem in market to download multiple apps/games simultaneously. Here that’s no bar. Download all on one go depending your network connection.
  5. The downloaded file can be played in PC using any simulator or app player.
  6. Don’t your favorite app doesn’t support your country? Here you can download that and  enjoy using it.
  7. Also some apps are device specific. Often they run on other devices but not available to install in market. Here you can get it and take a try if it will  really run or not.
  8. The most crucial part of our system is the dependability of the executable files we offer. All of the software are either taken from the official marketplace or directly from the developers. They are any kind of virus and malware free. What is Malware: Malwares are those vicious piece of software which can make you life hell. How? They can get installed in your device and steal everything in it including important phone contacts, texts, emails, sensitive data like stored passwords, cookies, personal files like photos/videos and even your credit/debit card number. They really are dangerous and most of the time they get into by some infected (Intentionally or unintentionally) application files (apks/xaps). So next time when you download some apk or xap   apps from any site other than Feirox, keep in mind if its completely clean or not.
  9. All of our files are hosted on Google servers for stability, speed ad of course security. They always check the files if its clean or not.
  10. Last but not least, we are pretty long in this stuff, previously we were in development, now  in distribution. We are the guys you can depend on.

Why “Feirox” ?

Why not? Name really doesn’t matter when it comes to quality. So we just choose one. And it’s meaning? Well Feirox is, where you will get all your needs on Android from Games to Apps.

The Team

Just some college geeks. Thought to do some new stuffs and came up with this idea.

saurav sahaSaurav Saha

Saurav (aka Rob) is the one behind our video and app review system. He loves all & any kind of games and probably spent half of his life playing them. Recently brought a cool new phone and after that he never looked behind. If you like playing a brand new game, he certainly finished that playing yesterday.


pritam paulPritam Paul

The Poster Boy! Yeah, whenever it comes to posting there is no such person right now who can compete with him. He posts like a machine. He loves to stay updated with tech news and likes to call himself a gadget geek. Whensoever there is a new good app or game in the market, he will post it in less than 24 hours. Guaranteed!


Anik HalderAnik Halder

The man behind the scene and he likes to be at the other site of the camera. System Admin, server integrator, team leader, developer & responsible for this site up and running so that you can read this page right now. It all started in his laptop when he was trying to find a networking app for his next project but can’t download it in his PC. That was the beginning & here  we are right now. He prefers to be at the end of the queue.


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Last Updated: 21-Apr-2013
by: Anik Halder