Are you a developer? Great, we have good news for you. Here at Feirox we try our best to spread your software on every corner around the world and give it the most exposure it can have. There is many good ways to get started. Lets talk about them a little then.
1. Become a Publisher:

It’s most easy & probably the best way to reach the huge and growing number of Feirox users worldwide. Just Create a Account with us, Post your app and you are ready to go. For the first time, we will review your app and publish it on the site if everything is okay, after that if you think you are a legitimate developer and not here for any deceptive intention, then Contact Us regarding  it and we will promote you to a trusted developer and from then your postings will be published automatically without any need of further review. All this process are free and fast.
2. Feature your App:

Get your app featured all over our site to get the highest possible exposure. For that, link your app page of Feirox in your website and we will add your app in our featured section. It also comes for free.
3. Make Partnership: 

Well it’s most the simple way to gain some more traffic/downloads to your site/app. Link us in your site and we will link you back in our partners page. Just drop us a mail to let us know.
4. Let us Review:

Confident about what you made? Let us review it then. We will rate it according some criteria and publish about it on our review section. We often make video review which definitely drive in some more downloads (and eyeballs).
5. Social Media Postings:

We have some good amount of fans and followers on various social networks. Ask us and we will post about your app/game  all over and will try to feature it in where possible. As a appreciation we will love to see us in your social spaces too 🙂
6. Giveaway/Offers:

Want to start the next viral thing in the web? Start a giveaway then. Contact Us for more.