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Snakes & Ladders King

Snakes & Ladders King (4)

Through a simple board game with dice game rules
The game to do battle for who first to arrival 100 steps.

– Survival Mode: The Games add fun of arcade on classic board game.
– Vs Computer Mode: You can enjoy with artificial intelligence.
– Multiplayer: You can compete with other player by online
– 2P, 3P, 4P: Enjoy the 2-4 player game offline with friends.
– Invite a friend, leaderboards, achievements support
– Tablet devices support


Hnefatafl (3)Hnefatafl is an ancient Scandinavian board game whose variants were played all over medieval Europe before chess was even invented. In those so called Tafl games two different sized armies fight each other. The invading black army tries to capture the white king, while the defending white army tries to protect their king and help him flee.

Dice With Buddies

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