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Nemo’s Reef

Nemo and his dad, Marlin, set out to build the coolest reef in his class. Help Nemo create a best-in-class underwater retreat, and discover the secrets to building a permanent home for his friends!

My Horse

Care for your horse by grooming, feeding and treating it. Build a bond together in a wide range of interactive 3D activities. And, when you’re ready, there are eight different breeds to collect and look after!

TightRope Walker 3D

Walking a tightrope Master 3D is a thrilling and exciting action game. Rely on your cell phone, you need to keep the body balanced, Continued stable went destination. Along the way there will be many organs and squally obstruct your balance


A dragon raising game from backflip studios, requires internet connection to play. DragonVale is completely free to play, but some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases

Little Dragons

Raise your own dragons in Little Dragons! Can you collect all the dragons in Little Dragons? Immerse yourself in a fantastic world of dragons! Breed and raise these amazing creatures.

Chasing Yello

Take an Adventurous swim in the raging river as the Chase continues! 7-year-old Mathilda lets her helpless goldfish, Yello, taste freedom in the local wild creek. Help Yello to escape Mathilda and navigate the poor fish through a rough adventure in the dangerous river filled with rocks, burning logs and piranhas!

Wonder Zoo – Animal rescue!

An infamous poacher and his lackey are threatening animals of the wilderness by stealing them from their families! Your exciting story begins as you head out on safari to rescue wildlife from danger.


Play Shipwrecked for FREE! Discover the secrets of the Lost Island! You and the other members of your party are stranded! But is that such a bad thing? Now it’s up to you to build a beautiful and thriving civilization on the Lost Island!

Bubble Shooter

Fun and addictive bubble shoot game! Another classic bubble match-three game.