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Next Task manager widget

Next Task manager widget (1)Next Task manager Widget is a kind of distinctive plug-ins that is based on Next Launcher. It’s the first real 3D widget for Next Launcher.


AppKicker (1)**This app is a widget**

AppKicker provides quickstart icons for the apps you most likely launch next. The list is automagically updated while you use your apps or games.

Magic Touch : Koi Fish

Magic Touch  Koi Fish (3)Love to create ripples in bathtub and watch them subside. Now you could create same kind of waves in your cell phone. All you have to do is, set the wall paper on your screen and touch the point where you like to see ripples appear.

Magic Touch : 3D Lighter

Magic Touch  3D Lighter (2)Various option like displacement or distance of ripple from touch point and radius of the wave are given in the settings of wall paper. Option of three color are given for the background. Amaze the people around by the sound of water drop in this fun app.

Tunnel 3D Live Wallpaper

Tunnel 3D Live Wallpaper (6)The flying saucer shuttle in a colorful three-dimensional space-time tunnel.
Triangle, square, round, octagonal, diamond brilliant luminous body in the emergence of three-dimensional space-time tunnel. UFO ejected charming flame in the fast swimming. More amazing is sliding your finger on the screen, two small flying saucer can be interchanged position.

Hide My Text – Invisible

Hide My Text - Invisible (1)Hide text messages for 5 contacts safely with a password protected “Decoy App”. Once you download this app it will place an “Invisible” icon in your app drawer. Hide text messages from selected contacts in this app.

Amazing 3D Mushroom Garden

Amazing 3D Mushroom Garden (1)A beautiful 3D Mushroom Garden Live Wallpaper, if you like this wallpaper, please install it.
– 3D mushrooms in your screen
– Colorful butterflies swirling on the screen
– Support most resolutions including Android 3.0 tablet

Vortex Galaxy

unnamedUnkown part of the Universe. YOU CAN FLY in the galactic nebula ! 🙂 This is the third of the four Galaxies.

Maxelus Galaxy Tetralogy (3/4) 😉

Twisted Colors

Twisted Colors (1)Dynamic, interactive moving twisted colors.
You may change color theme in settings.
Select background type, scale, alpha, move animation.

Symphony of Colors

Symphony of Colors (1)Beautiful Colors hidden in the shapes. Touch and feel.
Full colour customization. Go to wallpaper settings, and select predefined color theme or set all your custom colors.

Next Launcher 3D

Next Launcher 3D (3)Big News! #1 ranked 3D Launcher at a $15.99 price tag. Now you have a chance to try it for FREE!Next Launcher 3D Lite Version enables you to access to the basic features of Next Launcher 3D.

GoogleNowWallpaper HD

GoogleNowWallpaper HD (6)Get the Google Now style on your homescreen!
This application changes your current wallpaper with a google now wallpaper based on your clock time.
The wallpaper will be changed automatically in a certain time (configurable by user), selecting the right wallpaper.