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Neonize - feirox (1)Enemy ships will come after you, one after another in a pattern. The pattern extends each time a new enemy comes in. They may start slow, but they’ll get faster and faster. Shooting down your foes based on reaction might work for a while, but don’t count on it. Memorize, persevere, and survive the onslaught!

Powerboat Racing

Powerboat Racing - feirox (1)Race your hydroplane powerboat in the ultimate test and crush your friends in multi-player mode in Powerboat Racing now! Powerboat Racing is #1 critically-acclaimed and most popular 3D motorboat racing game.


Metromile - feirox (1)The Metromile app helps make car ownership easier, less expensive, and more enjoyable! Review your driving stats, get insights into your car’s running condition, and even find your car if it’s missing. After you sign up for an account, we’ll send you our “Metronome” device which plugs into your car’s OBD-II port.

Hyperlapse from Instagram

Hyperlapse from Instagram (1)Create amazing time lapse videos with Hyperlapse. Using Instagram’s in-house stabilization, Hyperlapse shoots polished time lapse videos that were previously impossible without bulky tripods and expensive equipment.

Battery Saver

Battery Saver (1)

Manage your battery life and power saving features.

Samsung Smart Home

Samsung Smart Home (1)

Samsung Smart Home Application enables people to easily connect with various Samsung home devices including refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, ovens, vacuum cleaners, lighting and more through your smart phones and wearable devices.


FireChat (2)

FireChat introduces a new type of communication: “firechats”. These are live, fast-paced, and anonymous group discussions. You can join firechats or move easily from one to another, just as you might when attending a party.



Introducing LINE DECO, the official phone-decorating app of LINE! Download LINE DECO NOW and get cute LINE character icons and wallpapers for FREE! Decorate your phone screen with the lovely LINE characters!

MTV Shows

MTV Shows (1)

Watch MTV shows on your Windows Phone! Just sign in with your TV provider to watch recent episodes from select MTV series. Access is included with your TV subscription.

15 Coins

15 Coins (1)

15 Coins is a deceptively difficult minimalistic arcade game with one goal: collect 15 Coins before you are killed by your clones. Your ship is always moving forward and all you have to do is tilt or tap to turn left and right to collect 15 Coins.

Project Tripod

Project Tripod (1)

• Ability to take perfectly aligned snaps over time – be it seconds, weeks, months or years – without needing a physical tripod!
• Anyone with the app can add to these Virtual Tripods
• Which means they are adding to and viewing a living history – an endless book with endless chapters



Introducing the new NET-A-PORTER app for iPhone and iPad.