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Flea Symphony

Flea Symphony (1)Conduct Maestro Piccolo’s FLEA SYMPHONY and save their beloved music shop. BOUNCE the fleas on drums, LAUNCH them off guitar strings, and SHOOT them out of tuba cannons as you create the perfect musical piece to keep customers coming back.

Singster – Karaoke Game

Singster - Karaoke Game (1)With Singster you can sing all your favourite karaoke songs, whenever and where ever! More than 1300 classic karaoke party hits are available instantly. You can record your performances and take part in thrilling competitions. Sing your favourite songs from a huge catalogue of top hits, or perfect a song and then share it with the world.


Tunely (1)Are you a fan of music? How good are you at naming bands or the songs you hear? Tunely is a fun game to play and share and even discover new music. Choose from 3 levels – Fan, Roadie, or Tour Manager; pick a genre and see how well you do.


SongArc (1)Tired of bad rhythm and music games that have nothing to do with the real music? Do you want to get real close to your favorite songs? With SongArc, you can feel as if you were playing a real instrument!