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Achievement Art

Achievement Art (1)

Achievement Art allows users to browse their unlocked Xbox One achievements and download the achievement art to customize their Windows devices.


Seene (1)

• Capture lifelike 3D photos in under a second
• Tap to refocus and blur your photos after taking them by adjusting the depth of field
• Apply creative filters to enhance your shots

Incredible Circus Remix

Incredible Circus Remix (1)

Join Pierre, the human cannonball in his circus adventure! Slingshot and bounce through the wackiest levels of all time avoiding hungry lions, fire eaters, knife throwers, electric traps, fire rings and many other dangers! Practice your perfect landing to receive bonuses, complete achievements, beat your friends and become the greatest circus marvel of all time!

Shred It!

Shred It! (1)Shred It! is an innovative endless runner by Extra Mile Studios. Snowboard your way down a never-ending hill in a beautiful paper-craft world. In a sublimely atmospheric and ever-changing landscape, a dynamic weather system swirls around you as you tear your way down the slopes, collecting leaves and performing awesome tricks.

Wear Apps Tracker

Wear Apps Tracker (1)✓ Get a notification on your Android Wear device stream every time you install, remove or update an app for your smartwatch. ✓ Open the handheld companion app to turn on/off the notification cards for specific events: new installations, upgrades, removals.

Words On Tour

Words On Tour (1)

Travel through world famous cities including Paris, London, Tokyo and more while solving hundreds of puzzles. Find hidden phrases, collect stamps, tilt your mobile device or rotate a puzzle on your computer to move your token to the bus, these and other challenges await you.

NextSong – Music Notifications

NextSong - Music Notifications (1)Want to know what song just started? Want to skip to the next song, but without leaving your current screen? NextSong Pro notifies you via a heads-up notification when you are listening to music and a new song starts playing on your device. You can see the song and artist name, as well as the album art on the notification.

Evolve: Hunters Quest

Evolve Hunters Quest (1)Evolve: Hunters Quest is a match 3 puzzle combat game based on the “Best of Show” E3 award winner, Evolve. Use match 3 tokens of the same color to unleash devastating attacks on your enemies, and fill up energy bars to activate hunters’ special abilities.


HTC RE (1)The RE app makes it easy to control your RE camera remotely with your Android phone. The app serves as both a content browser and live viewfinder, mirroring what the camera is seeing. After the initial pairing of the devices, all you do is launch the app and all of your photos and videos are instantly and magically available on your phone.

LOD Tactics

LOD Tactics (1)

Action filled storyline based on the Line of Defense comics.
Real time tactical combat with a persistent team of characters.
Fight the enemy in ship to ship combat, inside their bases, and on the ground.

Dragon Mania Legends

Description Breathe life into your dragons and prepare them for legendary battles! Reclaim your beloved homeland by rebuilding Dragolandia, breeding cute baby hatchlings, and raising them into powerful warriors to […]

Shuttle Shuffle

Shuttle Shuffle (1)

Shuttle Shuffle is a puzzle game where aliens, scattered after a chaotic landing, have to find their shuttle back. Rules and gameplay are easy to pick up and very intuitive, which makes Shuttle Shuffle a game suitable for the whole family.