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Medibox (1)Medibox application will facilitate your control over all medicines taken by you and your family. Medibox monitors the timing of medicines. Simply enter the name, size of dose and daily number of doses of medicines as well as the start date of its taking and the application will make you will always remember them.


HealthVault (1)Ever wish you could access medical information for yourself and your family right from your smartphone? Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily retrieve your prescription history or quickly look up insurance information at the doctor’s office? You can, using Microsoft HealthVault for Windows Phone.

Fitbit Tracker

Fitbit Tracker (6)FitTracker is a third-party modern Windows Phone 8 application that allows you to check and update your Fitbit profile on the go.


Sleep (3)Sleep is a sound mixer that combines 19 soothing base sounds with accompanying accent sounds to provide you with a good nights sleep, Pin your favorite base sounds to the start screen by long pressing the tile for quick access to your favorite soothing sounds!