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Cannon Penguins

Cannon Penguins (1)Cannon Penguins are not just a bunch of penguins but ones with a dream! They favor the sports. Well, what they do is very simple, they love catching and eating fish! So, is this just a race of fishing? No, this is so much more… This is our way of bringing a specific environmental issue to the fore…


Ah!Wolves!! (1)

“Ah! Wolves!!” is a puzzle game in which you can build a little town by combining various objects. Three or more game objects combined will get a superior one. For example, three grasses come to be a bush.

Duckie Deck Collection

Duckie Deck Collection (1)We’ve already seen apps that teach children mathematics and reading, but what about other skills they might need outside the classroom? Our latest collection of preschool games focus on supporting healthy habits and developing creativity, as well as solving some of the challenges of childhood.


DemonDefence (1)Lovely Alice is lost, demon in the game want to infringe her. Bring your snowman, robot and scarecrow and protect her. A war which determines destiny will be coming soon. Epic scene, fascinating defence tower and weird demon, must make you can’t put it down.

Fish Adventures

Fish Adventures (1)Fish Adventures is a fun puzzle game, the game screen by touching the slide to operate small fish swimming in the adventure;


CodeBreaker (1)

CodeBreaker is a cool game in metrodesign to improve your logic skills. You have to crack as many codes in a view minutes as you can. For each code you have 20 attempts to crack it. If you crack a code, you'll get points for it. After the time is up, you're ranked against all other player of the round. Try to be the best and challange the hole world in CodeBeaker!