The Times of India

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The Times of India, India’s largest media house, brings you the best news experience on the go. Download the TOI app on your iOS device and stay updated on news from across the world, anywhere, anytime. 



The NDTV iPhone app brings you stories and videos live from the NDTV studios in India. Award-winning journalists and technology combine to report on Politics, Business, Cricket, Food and Bollywood. You can also get live cricket scores and track the stock markets.

Dead Call

Dead Call (5)

Intergalactic war is coming – help humanity survive against cosmic plague of dead bugs.
Get your weapon, get out from the ship and start shooting to biggest walking horror of all time.

Space Chicks

Space Chicks - feirox (1)Space Chicks is a gorgeous endless platformer with simple one touch controls, amazing Space physics, beautiful effects, and heaps of fun. Kill bad guys, save chicks, drive spaceships, compete with your friends online or play two player on the same device, complete all of the missions to receive rewards and be the Hero the Chicks need you to be!

Cannon Penguins

Cannon Penguins (1)Cannon Penguins are not just a bunch of penguins but ones with a dream! They favor the sports. Well, what they do is very simple, they love catching and eating fish! So, is this just a race of fishing? No, this is so much more… This is our way of bringing a specific environmental issue to the fore…


You-Doo (1)

You-Doo is an easy to use proximity based to do list, task scheduler and reminder application. It is simple to use but has powerful features such as a live timeline, user defined gps locations, calendar view, task history and much more.


EdmodoWP - feirox (1)

An edmodo client for Windows Phone is finally here, you can now catch up with your teachers and friends, you can see assignments, grades and more… Download the app and enjoy the full experience!

Circle The Dot

Circle The Dot - itunes (1)This is a simple game with simple rules. Just trap the the blue dot within the matrix of circles. This is one smart dot though… Just tap on the gray dots and they will turn to orange. The blue dot is blocked by these orange dots. Surround the blue dot with the orange dots before it escapes!

Make Them Jump

Make Them Jump - itunes (1)Make all the dudes jump over the obstacles at the same time. You can play with all your fingers to control up to 5 dudes (4 dudes on the iPhone 4), or just ask for some help to your friends!

Don’t Touch The Spikes

Don't Touch The Spikes - FEIROX (1)Make the little bird fly! Don’t touch the spikes!
How far can you make it?

Totem Smash

Totem Smash - feirox (1)Smash, smash, smash as many totems as you can!!! And watch your head…
Sounds easy, right?

Bomb The ‘Burb

Bomb The 'Burb (1)Bomb the ‘Burb is a puzzle game where You, the player, needs to think carefully about bomb placement in order to maximize the destruction of the ‘burb. Creating chains of explosions and making buildings fly into other buildings are only some of the challenges You will face in this game.