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Stars Conquer Plus

Stars Conquer Plus (1)

The coolest RTS online game on WP8! Star Conquer is an epic combat strategy game. Build your base construction, train your troops and battle with thousands of other players online!

AE CoC Zombie

AE CoC Zombie (1)In a small town out of west,DJB has secretly build an underground lab to research Zombies. One day, the zombies are escaped and starting to spread. A SWAT team was sent to recover the town and you are the first lander of the team…

Save The Roundy 2

Save The Roundy 2 (1)Poor Roundy are trapped again 🙁 Areas are crueler. Blocks are more powerful… Carefully tap each block and don’t let the Roundy fall outside the ground. More challenges are waiting for you!

AE Boxed In

AE Boxed In (1)* 8 beautiful scenes: different game atmosphere, include a Christmas scene, oh!
* 2 game modes: classic Sokoban and advanced Sokoban, give you different fun and experience;
* Rich Sokoban levels: casual and puzzle, thrilling and challenging;
* Mysterious Boss Levels: fun and crazy, challenge your thinking limits;

AE Fruit Slash

AE Fruit Slash (1)

A very classic game ’Fruit Slash’ is free at your phone now! Go experience this precise slicing action on various kinds of fruits, you will be addicted to this fruit slashing. Special point marking way, beautiful graphics, awesome sound effect and smooth gameplay make Fruit Slash an addictive game, and a great way to kill time.

Roundy Dash

Roundy Dash (1)

Control this cute Roundy to jump and slide through a variety of obstacles in the countryside and forest while running at an increasingly fast speed.
Collect as many coins as you can along the way to increase your score and the Life pills will give you additional lives. Collect all kinds of gifts and he will change to “Super Roundy”, speed up and double score! It will be a more exciting challenge!

Save The Roundy

Save The Roundy (1)

The Roundies are boxed up in different shape of blocks that are on different height, you need to save them by eliminating other blocks. 
Carefully tap each block and don’t let the Roundy fall outside the ground. Missing more than 2 Roundies will lose the game.
Watch out the special blocks such as the ice and bomb, their physical characters are different, which makes it a difficult challenge to you.