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Cast Store for Chromecast

Cast Store for Chromecast (1)Google Play is at this moment a mess and it’s hard to find Chromecast-Apps. You’ll find with this app an overview about all Google Cast compatible Apps in the Google Play Store.

RAR for Android

RAR for Android (1)RARLAB’s RAR for Android can create RAR and ZIP and unpack RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO, ARJ archives. List of functions include repair command for damaged ZIP and RAR files, benchmark function compatible with RARLAB’s WinRAR benchmark, recovery record, usual and recovery volumes, encryption, solid archives, utilizing multiple CPU cores to compress data.


viaProtect (1)Leaky and insecure apps pose substantial risks to personal data on mobile devices. These apps may transmit information without encryption or to overseas servers which allows data to be intercepted by unwanted parties. The harsh consequences can include identity theft, financial theft and loss of privacy.


Share (1)NewAer Share is the easiest way to share files between your mobile devices. Just launch Share on any mobile device and anyone nearby can instantly be placed in the same folder to automatically exchange files together.

Headphone Connect

Headphone Connect (5)If you plug in your headphones, wouldn’t you want Android to know your favorite headphone apps? Now it can! Easily assign apps to launch as soon as you click in your headphones! Simply start the app once and assign your apps and enable the server and your all set! Easily pick from multiple apps or a single default app!

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure (1)ICE Unlock is a real fingerprint lock screen that locks and unlocks your mobile device securely. Most other lock screens don’t actually use biometrics to unlock your device. They are just for fun. ICE Unlock is a true biometric lock screen solution.

Glass Master Control

Glass Master ControlEssentially, Master Control allows users to change Glass settings in a new, more fine-grained way. It controls volume, brightness, and radios (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AutoSync). Until now, Glass hasn’t had manual brightness controls, and volume control was buried in a settings card at the very left end of the timeline.

Dr. Power | Battery Profiler

Dr. Power Battery Profiler (1)Dr. Power uses the very same methods that Android uses for calculating battery consumption (in the Settings app), but gives developers greater insight by showing specific battery power usage for every aspect of an application, in both percentages and absolute numbers (mA).

Glove – A Network That Fits

Glove - A Network That Fits (1)– Find out which wireless carrier is best for YOU
– Glove runs for 3 days and keeps tabs on where you use your phone most
– Then it tells you which carrier will provide you with the best coverage
– Glove helps you to get an offer from your best carrier


IntelliRing  (1)1. Ringing loud when your phone is in your pocket, a bag, or cover. Then, as you pull your phone out, the volume is lowered.
2. Ringing just a bit louder than the ambient noise when not in your pocket (no more embarrassing loud ringtones in your quiet office).
3. Beeping subtly, when your phone is flat on your desk, face down (meeting mode).

Dormi – Baby Monitor

Dormi Plugin - Telephony (1)Smart Baby Monitor in your pocket! The baby monitor for the smartphone age. Includes all standard features of a hardware baby monitor and some surprising extras.

Dormi Plugin – Telephony

Dormi Plugin - Telephony (1)Telephony Plugin for Dormi Baby Monitor
Reports missed calls and new text messages received on child device to parent devices.