viaProtect (1)Description

Leaky and insecure apps pose substantial risks to personal data on mobile devices. These apps may transmit information without encryption or to overseas servers which allows data to be intercepted by unwanted parties. The harsh consequences can include identity theft, financial theft and loss of privacy.

viaProtect makes proven enterprise-grade technology available to anyone, to reduce their risk. The app gather mobile forensic, system, network, security and sensor data from devices, then utilizes statistical analysis and risk indicators to detect suspicious events or behavior. This means that an app can be monitored in real-time to predict potential risks or problems– rather than just checking for known malicious apps.


Users will:

• Get a device risk rating – a simple score that lets them know if their data is safe
• Learn how phones and tablets are sending data – including what data is sent insecurely
• Discover exactly where their data is being sent
• Be informed of risky device modifications including root detection
• Be alerted about leaky and insecure apps
• Have access to a browser-based dashboard lets multiple devices be monitored from a single account – perfect for families.

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