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Dr. Power Battery Profiler (1)Description

Dr. Power is a smart analysis utility designed to help Android developers build better battery efficient apps.
The Android SDK is packed with many debugging and tracing tools which are mainly focused on CPU usage and memory footprint.
Dr. Power uses the very same methods that Android uses for calculating battery consumption (in the Settings app), but gives developers greater insight by showing specific battery power usage for every aspect of an application, in both percentages and absolute numbers (mA).
Dr. Power breaks down battery power usage by:


1. Processes – Breakdown of User, System and Foreground time

2. Battery usage caused by processing during Wakelock – Breakdown of User, System and Foreground time

3. Sensors (GPS, Proximity, Orientation, Gyro, etc.) – Breakdown of operating time

4. Data Usage – Breakdown of data received and sent

* An absolute power consumption estimation presented per each component in (mA).

When the end user of an application notices battery drainage, you will be able to use Dr. Power to mimic the specific situation that was causing the drainage, as well as the type of phone used. In this way, you can use feedback to continuously make your applications more battery efficient, in all scenarios and on all devices.
We hope you enjoy this tool as much as we have.






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