Caedere is an experimental “pop up text adventure”.Through a series of bite sized tests, Caedere guides you through an interesting and surreal world of puzzels and adventure. Testing and guiding you toward a sinister truth about a you and a turtle.

Every day, dependant of when you start your adventure A popup will appear in the 13th hour and the 17th hour of each day. Presenting you with part of your adventure. You can ether cancel till the next day or pause for one hour.

Developed entirely on Android for Android using Tasker

Because Caedere is a bit of an experiment, I’m keeping it free.
If you like it, and want to support me please have a look at ZXPlectrum.
Relive the loading sounds of the classic ZX Spectrum as a musical instrument!

App Screenshots

What’s New

What’s in this version:

Changed the size of the popup and text size to hopefully accommodate those of you lovely people that have been having issues.


This application has access to the following:

  • System tools
    disable your screen lock
    Allows the app to disable the keylock and any associated password security. For example, the phone disables the keylock when receiving an incoming phone call, then re-enables the keylock when the call is finished.
    prevent tablet from sleeping prevent phone from sleeping
    Allows the app to prevent the tablet from going to sleep. Allows the app to prevent the phone from going to sleep.
    draw over other apps
    Allows the app to draw on top of other applications or parts of the user interface. They may interfere with your use of the interface in any application, or change what you think you are seeing in other applications.


Version: 1.0
Size: 1.3M