Newsbeat  (1)Description

Ever wonder if you can listen to the news that *you* choose? While getting ready in the morning, on your way to work or while going home in the evening, wouldn’t it be wonderful to get caught up with latest news that is personalized to *you*?

With Newsbeat, you can pick the news that you want to hear – from a large collection of high quality, trusted, local publications, as well as national news organizations.

The app pulls together an audio news program based on your preferences; and narrate succinct 1-minute summaries of stories in a comfortable, pleasant pace.

For your commute, it reports weather and traffic that is specific to your current location, and get you the scores from local teams, and play something funny to start your day right. The app can be paired with your car speakers via bluetooth or wired connection, to enjoy the audio through your vehicle’s speakers.


Special Note to our international users, based on user feedback :
* We currently carry only the news sources from USA.
* We narrate a summary of the stories through the audio stream for approximately one minute. The app also displays entire articles for reading purpose.

Other highlights
* Pick your favorite news sources from 100’s of sources we carry, from your local publications to national sources (sources from USA only, for now).
* Pick the topics and teams (NBA and MLB) of your interest. We will continuously monitor and prioritize the related stories and scores.
* Prioritize news sections such as Sports, Business, Politics, etc.
* Play the stories you like, skip those that you don’t.
* Weather and traffic are narrated at the beginning of your program.
* Our streaming technology provides smooth, uninterrupted news while you drive, even through poor data network areas.
* Explore various sources and voices for your stories, and go in-depth to related articles.
* Receive daily email news digest to start your day.
* Get latest breaking news.