AutoPebble (1)Description

Automate your Life from your wrist!


AutoPebble is a Tasker plugin that allows you to completely customize your watch!

AutoPebble is to the Pebble what Tasker is to your Android device. With all its versatility it allows anyone to build mini-apps on their Pebble that can replace many other apps. It’s just like bringing Tasker into your Pebble.

Watch this video to see what AutoPebble can do:

Get the AutoPebble unlocker here: . Free version is limited to 5 char commands.

AutoPebble requires the Pebble 2.0 firmware and Android app. Get it here:

Get the watch app here:

Learn how to get started with AutoPebble here:
Learn about the command system used in AutoPebble here:

When you open the app on your Pebble, the screen that shows up can depend on the situation you’re in. For example, you can have a different home screen for when you’re at home, when you’re at work or you can even have a Late Night home screen.
With list screens you can create customized lists, where you set the header and lines. Each line can have a different Label and Action, so you can for example list your favourite music apps when you insert your headphones or connect to the bluetooth radio in your car, or list your favourite TV shows and play them on your TV.
You can redirect your notifications to your Pebble with the help of AutoNotification, or create your own notifications, where each button can do a different action.
You can also set quick static screens. This type of screen always shows a Title and 3 options and you can set different actions for each button. With this you can easily use your pebble as a remote control.
You can set a screen with a title and a very long text, so that you can for example read a news article on your Pebble or have some notes show up on it when you need them.

you can do any action with a twist of your wrist. This lets you dismiss a notification without ever having to touch your Pebble! Or you can switch between commands and channel list mode on a remote control.

Every button on your Pebble can have different modes. For example, you can make it so that a long click on a notification will show its full text. Or you can make a short click toggle a light, but a long click check the light status. Or you can make a double click on a button restart the show you’re watching instead of its normal function.

You can set custom vibration patterns for when a screen shows up or when ever you please as long as the AutoPebble app is open on your watch. Generate the vibration pattern on your PC and it will be reproduced faithfully on your Pebble.

You can turn on and off your pebble light whenever you please. You could make it always be on at night, and always be off during the day for example.

You can control window creation and dismissal on your Pebble. For example, by using window IDs I can make my Remote Control and Channel screens always overlap eachother, and when I press back I go directly to my Home screen instead of just going back to the previous screen.

You can make it so that a screen is never dismissed. This lets you have some notes for your class on your pebble for example, and be sure that you won’t receive notifications as long as that screen is up.

You can change all the fonts of the screens to your liking, so you can for example have a Home Screen with a different title font or a task screen with very large font.

You can make the built-in Pebble Music app control AutoPebble as well. For example, you can launch the AutoPebble watch app with the Play button. Or you can make the rewind button open your news app in the morning and your favourite game at night.