YouSnap (1)Description

CyberLink YouSnap is easy-to-use and squares up your images in just a few seconds. It’s ideal to capture notes from meetings and presentations, and to make sure any photos you take of notes are clear and legible. You can save your corrected image as a PDF or JPG, or share it via email or directly to Facebook.

The powerful camera app for your Android phone and tablet isolates and precisely selects the important areas in your photos, then instantly corrects the perspective and enhances the image quality for a clean, crisp result.


Capture live presentation slides and turn them into PDFs
– Turning live presentation screens or keynotes into clear PDF documents is easy with YouNote’s intelligent edge correction and image enhancement technology. Photos of presentation screens, are isolated, selected then corrected for skew issues and enhanced for a square, clean high-quality result. Multiple photos can be wrapped up in a single PDF file.

Snap and save meeting and whiteboard notes
– YouSnap is the perfect way to save the whiteboard notes from meetings and brainstorming sessions. Just snap a photo of the notes you want to archive and YouSnap will correct perspective and lighting problems leaving you with a clear set of meeting notes to refer to or share with others via email, directly from the app.

Digitize documents to archive digital copies
– Digitizing product brochures and pages of books or handouts is a lot easier than carrying them all around in hardcopy form. YouSnap helps you store all your important info from physical documents in digital form on your Android phone or tablet.






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