Bad Smash Piggies

Bad Smash Piggies (1)Description

Who hasn’t sat back at one point and dreamed they were a piggy bank robber? Right…Right?
Well…okay, maybe it’s not something you ever really considered, but true to their usual form, Free Action Games Plus Fun Apps takes the most unlikely video game scenario and turns it into wild and crazy cartoon game fun in one of the most popular, addictive games they’ve released yet.
Check out Smash Piggies!
A new twist on your usual family games, in this popular app, your characters are the SMASH Piggies, a couple of bad piggies turned bank robbers who’ve just pulled off the bank job of their piggy lives and are dashing across the city in a mad scramble with the police in hot pursuit.
Touch the screen with your finger to fire up your mustang and put the pedal to the metal in this cool police chase.
The real challenge is avoiding the onrush of oncoming police cars, SWAT cars, pedestrian cars, and pick up trucks coming fast at you from all directions; each and every citizen in this crazy cartoon city seems intent on seeing your piggy tails locked up behind bars.
The traffic hurtles screeches and roars as every car and truck aims to smash you off the road…the metal crunches and squeals as you smash your way to freedom…how will you ever get away?
Fortunately, the game designers have given your tough lil’ pigs something to work with, equipping your mustang with a minigun to protect your money. Hey, you stole that cash fair and square, and who can deny that minigun-toting bank-robbing pigs bring the Android game genre to a whole new art form?!
The addicting fun doesn’t stop there…
As you can imagine, the main problem for a couple racing game criminals fleeing the law is finding the breathing room to stop for fuel. In this mobile game, you rack up points and extend your game time by collecting fuel coins. The game is of the progressive form, picking up speed as you go and bringing on the obstacles faster and faster.
You won’t last forever, but you can last as fast as possible and then compare and share your scores with your friends on Game Center. Who has what it takes to be the biggest baddest bank-robbing pig around?
Need a bit more speed and a heavier punch? An awesome upgrade includes moving from the mustang with minigun to a jeep fixed with an explosive rocket launcher.
This game is truly a must-play for kids or adults who are looking for top free games involving fast and zany police chases! Really – it gets no zanier than this!



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