Boom Boom Hamster Golf

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5/5 – The iPhone App Review – “The app is delightful, hilarious, completely original, and so much fun to play…”
App Store Reviewer – “Boom Boom makes playing golf a blast, literally!”

You don’t have to be a pro golfer to enjoy Boom Boom Hamster Golf. You just have to love firing adorable hamsters out of a cannon on the world’s most fantastic golf courses. These first nine holes take place on the exotic Lost Islands Course, located somewhere off of your Western Coast.
Nine unique island clusters showcase the holes, but beware of the monsters that inhabit some of these isles. They hate golfers stomping all over their turf, but with a little luck you can defeat them.
Play to lower your average; play for points and see how you rank in Game Center; play for coins and visit our Pro Shop for all kinds of goodies to make the whole day more fun! Or just pass the time on the range with a mini-game of hamster target practice!
Fun for everyone! So grab a handful of hamsters, dress ‘em up, and hit the links!


About HammerCat Studios:
Console gaming got stale, so some of the most creative programmers, artists and animators have banded together at HammerCat Studios to pool their imaginations. Boom Boom is their first jump into the wonderful world of mobile gaming. If you like our games, please spread the word—and positive reviews. We’re new. We need the boost!

To Parents:
Boom Boom Hamster Golf contains mild, animated mayhem. It is meant to be enjoyed by the whole family. However, we do include a secret mode that unlocks more graphic, animated violence. It is accessible only through the Google Play Store to guard against accidental exposure to young children.

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