Glooko (1)Description

Glooko’s FDA 510(k) cleared system is changing diabetes management by breaking barriers in technology and building bridges between patients and healthcare providers. It starts with adding simplicity to keeping a logbook. With the Glooko mobile app and MeterSync Cable, you can seamlessly download meter readings, from multiple glucose meters, into your mobile device. Your data is now accessible, annotatable, and sharable.


The app has been featured on TechCrunch, Diabetes Health, VentureBeat, Diabetes Daily, GigaOm, Gizmodo, Your Diabetes May Vary, Blogging Diabetes, Diabetes Mine, Diabetes Monitor, Ninjabetic, Texting My Pancreas, and many more!

You deserve to understand how diabetes uniquely affects you. Glooko’s set of tools helps you do so. With the Glooko system, you now have your diabetes data at your fingertips, on your iPhone and on a web dashboard. Now you can upload your meter readings directly to your iPhone to create a logbook in seconds – add notes, log carbs from the food database, view graphs and statistics, and keep track of goals. What’s more, your data is shared with your physician, through a corresponding web dashboard, so they’re better equipped to make adjustments to your diabetes treatment plan.

– Eliminate errors from manual entry by downloading readings from your meter to iPhone
– Download readings from multiple meters to create one logbook
– Search the built-in food database to find nutritional info of your favorite foods
– Use the food database to quickly log carb values
– Add notes to better understand what factors affect your blood glucose
– Take notes about carbs, medications, and exercise as they happen
– View trends in many ways: chronologically, by periods in the day, in a graph, or statistics
– Visualize how often your readings fall in and out of your targeted glucose range
– Provide direct access to your glucose readings and notes for your support team
– Sync your glucose data across supported devices and to your web dashboard

The Glooko app is used with the Glooko MeterSync Cable, available on Amazon (in the US, EU and Canada). Purchase the Cable to download readings into the Glooko app.

Works with a multitude of FDA cleared blood glucose meters*:

– ACCU-CHEK® Aviva** (Black)
– ACCU-CHEK® Compact Plus** (Black)
– Bayer’s BREEZE® 2
– Bayer’s CONTOUR®
– FreeStyle Freedom Lite®
– FreeStyle Lite®
– i-SENS CareSens® N
– i-SENS CareSens® N POP
– OneTouch® Ultra®2
– OneTouch® UltraLink®
– OneTouch® UltraMini®
– ReliOn® Confirm
– ReliOn® Prime