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RootCloak Plus (1)Description

Many apps detect rooted phones (banking, enterprise, streaming), and upon detection, do not run. RootCloak Plus hides all indications of root, thereby enabling those apps to run, without disabling root. See for the list of apps that work with RootCloak Plus.

There is no 100% way to hide root. Any feedback you may have will be helpful, not only for fixing your particular issue, but also for hiding root from future apps!

• Rooted Device
• Android v4.0.3+
• Cydia Substrate ( )
• If you are on Android 4.4+ (Kitkat), you need to install SELinux Mode Changer and set it to PERMISSIVE: ( )
• Single user on the device (does NOT currently support devices with more than one user account!)

Does NOT Support:
• x86 (Intel) devices
• Devices with multiple user accounts

How is this different than disabling root with temp unroot/SuperSu unroot/etc?
Disabling root, or temporarily unrooting, prevents ALL applications from using root. This includes the applications that require root to function. In addition, SuperSu (and others) cannot hide themselves, and are still detected by many apps. RootCloak does not disable root; it completely hides all traces of being rooting, including the su binary, some of busybox, superuser.apk/most common superuser control apps, and more.


Does RootCloak hide custom ROMs (CM, AOKP, etc)?
Not directly. Some apps that check for root only check for things like release-keys vs test-keys, and therefore RootCloak will work. However, if you are running CM, AOKP, or any other custom ROM, there are simply too many ways to detect a custom for RootCloak to effectively hide all of them. For example, addition settings activities may be added/removed depending on the AOKP version; RootCloak would have to hide every single one to be 100% effective.

1) If you are on Android 4.4+ (KitKat), you need to install SELinux Mode Changer and set it to PERMISSIVE: ( )
2) Install Cydia Substrate. You must install it, then open the app and Link Substrate Files, then reboot!
3) Install RootCloak Plus.
4) Reboot your device to enable RootCloak Plus. Substrate will probably tell you to do so.
5) Open RootClock Plus settings (just open the app from the launcher), and then go to Add/Remove. This is where you will change which apps RootCloak hides root from.
6) If the app you want is not among the default apps, press the + button to add it. Find the app in the list, and press it to add it to the list.
7) To apply changes, you MUST reboot your device!
8) Run the app to see if root was successfully hidden.

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Attribution: The icon used for this app is a creative interpretation of a photo of the sculpture “Cloak of Conscience”. Both the sculpture and photo are by Anna Chromý. The photo is licensed under under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license (license text available here: The original photo can be located here:


What’s New

v1.1 – Changes to the native handling code to more effectively deal filter out detected items.
v1.0 – First release.