Hopeless: The Dark Cave

Hopeless The Dark Cave (1)Description

A bunch of glowing blobs huddle in the dark, scared and armed. Dark shadows creep in and they must react quickly – is it a friend or foe?
Tap the screen to shoot the monsters. React quickly but be careful not to shoot your friends.

Survive as long as you can and defend as many blobs as you can. But be careful: don’t let the blobs get too scared or the’ll kill themselves! Is it really all… HOPELESS?

“Violence against rampaging monsters has never been so adorable” – Android Police
“Abandon all hope” – Pocket gamer
“It has the just-one-more-go factor in spades” – The Guardian


Key Features:
• Cute and funny graphics in a dark and scary atmosphere.
• Simple and easy to learn: no tedious tutorial, simply jump right into the action!
• Think fast, act fast! Test your skills and your reflexes to their limit.
• Compete with your friends and boast in your victory!
• Intense gameplay, as you try to save the blobs against all odds.

More features and game modes coming soon!

At our website: http://upopa.com/
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hopelessthegame
On Twitter: https://twitter.com/UpopaGames

Known Issues:
• Nexus 7: graphics look too big.
• On some devices the game crashes while loading. Sometimes it will start working after a while or a restart.
• The game restarts when the screen is locked or when interrupted by a call on some devices.

Please email us with any new bugs or glitches.

We’re working on fixing it. Hang in there 🙂


What’s New

• Fixed bug where graphics were too small on some devices.
• Added new upgrade! Headlight lets you see the shadows BEFORE there are revealed!
• More upgrades and game modes coming soon!