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Check out all new contents via the Shake Portal site!
Giving you the best features and interface with unique contents not found anywhere else. Shake!
A few of the unique features of Shake!
– Video wallpapers, including popular music videos, with sound!
– Use your own video as live wallpaper!
– Drag-n-drop iPhone-style folders, best in market!
– Easily create and share your own contents through templates!
– Horizontal mode video and game contents!
– Change icons easily, many to choose from!
– Animated, unique background contents!
– Animations activated by shaking device! (select contents)
– New system to easily arrange home screens and icons!


Create, Customize, share
Share the fun with ‘Shake’ Smart Wallpaper
Shake is an SNS-connected, screen customization platform offering free and premium multimedia contents and user created contents across Android devices

The ‘Shake Market’ has tons of existing designs to
Customize every part of your smart device, including
never before seen features and capabilities
The first UCC (User Create Contents) platform allowing for true personalization on smart devices
Share created or customized content with friends, family, and users through social networks and the Shake Market
Shake Market
Download the latest contents and share your own using the Shake Market!
You can customize everything from icons, folders, wallpaper, plus use features available only through Shake like animated backgrounds, music video wallpapers and images that change when you shake your phone!
Create your own content easily with free templates, then share with friends and family!


What’s New

– Portrait of a function for adding sound playback on the screen.
– Modify other errors.




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