Storm Lords

Storm Lords (1)Description

Build a mighty base, harness powerful magic and battle your rivals in this brand new empire game from flaregames.
High on an ancient mountain top, the mystical forces lay dormant. Now is the time for you to harness the elements and join the ranks of the mighty Storm Lords!
Control powerful heroes and enchanted spells in epic battles. Acquire wealth and power as you defend your shrine from attack. Unlock long lost knowledge to master the supernatural forces. Challenge your rivals to gain a fearsome reputation and glorious honor. Build a fantastic shrine to awaken the elements and become a mighty Storm Lord!
===== What you do =====
● Build a mighty and powerful base
● Harvest resources to grow your wealth and power
● Summon powerful hero units
● Research and nurture abilities for your mighty heroes
● Cast epic fire and ice spells to subjugate your rivals
● Enchant the ancient Guardians to protect you and your base
● Fuse potent rune stones to boost your heroes and beat your rivals
● Win and safeguard your hard-won trophies
Download for free and start building a mighty empire right now. You too can become a powerful Storm Lord!
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Ideas, praise or problems? Join in the discussion now: Or write to us at [email protected]
===== Note =====
This game requires an internet connection to play and offers in-app purchases.
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