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WiFi Opener (1)Description

WiFi Opener allows you to automatically connect to password protected networks shared with the community. WiFi Opener is especially useful in public spaces like parks, coffee shops and at large gatherings like conferences where the Wi-Fi network is meant to be open but is password protected.
After installing WiFi Opener, you can choose to share the password of a WiFi network in range which allows other WiFI Opener users to automatically connect to that network when they’re in range. And, like a can opener for WiFi, the sweet tasty internet is released from the cold oppressive metal of passwords.
✓ Share wifi passwords with your friends, your co-workers, your community, other Wifi Opener users
✓ Sync passwords between your multiple Android devices (phone, tablet, media player) seamlessly
✓ Get automatically connected whenever a shared wifi is available
✓ Remove or update already shared Wifi network passwords
(WiFi Opener is not a password breaker and does not add security threats to networks and users that don’t already exist. Every user who has shared the password with the community has done so by choice.)
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What’s New

Version 1.0.4
Detect WiFi errors more accurately
Fixed a few minor bugs
Geolocate WiFi hotspots