Apoc Wars

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In Apoc Wars, revenge is a dish best served cold!
Apoc Wars is an original, free-to-play, social real-time strategy game that takes place in the years following the Great Apocalypse. The world has blown itself to bits and resources are scarce. Become an expert at raiding enemy bases for any loot you can get your hands on. And if someone takes your stuff, it’s not the end of the world. That already happened! Send your tanks and get it back.
Build and upgrade your base and its defenses to take on all comers. Ally with your friends and steal cool loot from enemy bases. Equip the loot you’ve acquired, from Frag Me Boots to the Cosmic Fez, to boost your skills. Attack your rivals in real time with full control of your troops. Watch your enemies’ tactics to improve your defenses. Unlock new buildings and unique troops for inflicting maximum damage. And just because you can, blow lots of stuff up along the way!
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Apoc Wars is a social real-time strategy game from gloops International Inc. Check out more games by gloops at: http://www.gloopsgames.com.
Key Features:
o Build, defend and upgrade your awesome base!
o Hundreds of items to collect and equip for unique tactical advantages.
o Train a wide variety of combat units with special abilities: infantry, trucks, tanks, mechs, and more!
o Spy on and attack enemy bases in real time, where you control the action.
o Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, then brag about your victory on Facebook or Twitter!
o Replay videos of attacks on your base for strategy improvement!
o Create alliances with your friends and exact sweet revenge on your enemies!



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