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Chronos Data Collector is the best way to understand how you’re spending your life. Using it is simple: download the app, create an account, and let it run in the background — that’s it!
You can then see your life on chronos by logging in on your desktop browser at There, you can add friends, see your custom infographic, train chronos to get smarter going forward, and see where you spend time by category (home, work, exercise, sleep, transit, social, and errands).
To get started, we ask you to connect with Facebook to get the app’s full functionality (specifically, time with friends) — we take privacy seriously, so we’ll never post anything on your or your friends’ walls without your explicit permission. We also offer a connection via Google if you’d prefer.
We built Chronos Data Collector because we’d often find that we’d get to the end of the day and feel exhausted, but didn’t have a great sense of where our time was going, and we wanted to make sure that we were prioritizing the people and things most important to us.
Chronos Data Collector uses background location data to determine where you are. It also collects accelerometer data in order to help determine your location. Persistent background location monitoring is core to the functionality of the application. For best results, WiFi and location services should be enabled.
– No manual entry needed – just carry your phone with you and it figures out the rest.
– See all your data on chronos on your desktop browser at
– Confirm or modify data at so that it gets smarter going forward
Thanks for checking it out — feel free to be in touch with any feedback: [email protected]



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