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SILENT TEXT – global encrypted text messaging with secure file transfer for mobile devices. Encrypted attachments may be any file.
** You must be a subscriber to use this app **
Access your account at
Enable the burn function to delete Silent Texts from both devices.
Enable geo-location when you want to share your location.
You’re in control of your media with device-to-device encryption.
Silent Circle – Security, Simplicity and Service
Silent Text Features:
• Intuitive and simple to use
• Burn Notice feature allows you to have any message you send self-destruct after a time delay
• No more sensitive messages staying around indefinitely
• Send map locations encrypted and controlled.
• Peer-to-peer key management – keys are on each device, not on our servers
• No one but you and the person you are texting can decrypt and read the information
• Send any file up to 100 MB
• Revolutionizes secure business and personal communications with a tap of the finger
SILENT TEXT allows you to fully control your text communications. As a Silent Circle member using Silent Text, you can transmit encrypted text messages with attached files up to 100 MB between Silent Circle members worldwide.
You decide how long your text can be seen with BURN NOTICE or manually delete sent messages off both your device and the recipient’s device simultaneously. Sent a sensitive document to the wrong person? Made a typo or modified the contract? Simply BURN what was sent with the touch of your screen.
Messages are encrypted on your device. New encryption keys are negotiated for each conversation. Every Silent Text message is encrypted to a new key that is only used once and then destroyed. There are no keys held anywhere after the conversation is complete.
Created by original innovators and globally recognized encryption experts using encryption algorithms Elliptic Curve P-384 & AES256.
Published, peer-reviewed encryption – our founders are the creators of PGP and ZRTP.
As seen in Forbes, CNN, The Register, Business Insider, Gizmag, and other media outlets around the globe.



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