Fav Talk – Interests chatting

Fav Talk - Interests chatting (6)Description

* Share your story with those who have similar interests~
* Click the ‘Search’ button and find the people who have interests in common with you.
* You can see the profile of the person you found and if you want to know more about him/her, just click ” chatting” to start to know each other.
* This app has been downloaded and used by people who come from China, US, Korea, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, etc. You can make foreigner friends more easily by using this app.
* If you are learning foreigner languages or you want to start to learn it, you can use this app to search the friends who also want to do languages-exchanging. It will help you to learn more fast!
* You can choose other people to have a talk with from the chatting list.
* You can change your profile, profile photo, nickname, interests and so on.
* When a person finds you, he/she is automatically added to your chatting list.
* You can change the settings to allow or refuse other people searching you.