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LiveLens allows you to easily share your life LIVE with your friends and followers.
Just press the “GO LIVE!” button and your video will be streamed LIVE to all your followers.

In case you think you’re special or interesting, price you LIVE video and start making money!
Life is beautiful, share it LIVE with your followers in great quality and just as life is! free with unlimited streaming time and if you are really interesting, price it!

• Simply click the “GO LIVE!” button, and your video will be streamed LIVE to your followers and Facebook page as a new post
• An invitation to watch your LIVE video will be sent to all your followers
• See who’s watches, comments or likes your video while you are streaming LIVE!
• You can price your live videos and start making money
• You can announce an upcoming event
• Your video is saved in the cloud, where you can easily delete it if you wish
• There is no video length limit!
Enjoy your LIVE LENS experience!