FlickKey® Keyboard

FlickKey® Keyboard (1)Description

Want to truly touch-type on your phone or tablet, and keep your eyes on your text? Would you like to type with any number of thumbs or fingers – any way you like? If so, try FlickKey® Keyboard. FlickKey is a new and superior keyboard concept. FlickKey is extremely fast, efficient, and accurate on all your touch screen Android devices – even smartwatches! (Note: First version is English only!)

The keyboard consists of just six flick-able keys. Each large key lets you access 9 characters. To use: press a key and “flick” (or you could say slide or swipe) in the direction of an outer character to choose the character. You can press ANYWHERE on the large key, and then flick toward the letter you want. For the center character, simply tap the key, just like a standard key, except it is much larger.


The FlickKey keys are so large that they are not hard to hit, they are hard to miss! An experienced user should expect to learn to touch type with FlickKey. That’s nearly impossible with a standard mobile keyboard. With FlickKey you can keep your eyes on your text.

Note: FlickKey does NOT work like swiping keyboards! The Popup Flick-Keys require much less sliding across the screen. Also, FlickKey differs philosophically from keyboards that rely on prediction and disambiguation. Master FlickKey and you can keep you eyes on your message, and not the keyboard.

FlickKey includes popup flick-able keys containing whole words that can be entered by choosing the word with as little as two little quick flicks of the screen. Common words can be entered with unmatched speed and ease. There is an unprecedented number of words and symbols in the popup flick-keys.

FlickKey features:

◆ Only six super large ‘hard to miss’ flick-able keys on the screen at a time
◆ Popup flick-able keys so you can type common words uncommonly fast
◆ More common punctuation characters on the main keyboard screen 🙂
◆ Only two screens for all the alphanumeric and numeric characters and symbols
◆ Accuracy and speed!

By the Way,

✓ FlickKey does NOT ADVERTISE to you!
✓ FlickKey does not gather information about you, or target you in any way!
✓ FlickKey does not use location service or access your phone number
✓ FlickKey respects your privacy

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If you have any problems with FlickKey, please contact [email protected] before leaving any feedback. This beta version exists to help solve any problems you might have. So ping us and let us know what you think!

Requirements: FlickKey works on Android 4.0, and above.

(FlickKey has a 60-day trial. At the end of the trial, you will be asked to choose purchase FlickKey Keyboard.)