Floating Music Widget

Floating Music Widget (1)Description

You can’t disagree that ICS lockscreen music control is a really convenient thing.
But have you ever thought about being able to control your music from anywhere?
If yes, then this application is just for you.
This is basically a music control widget you see on the lockscreen, except you can launch it anywhere.
And you can change it’s size – make it huge, or make it tiny. Tuck it in the corner, or place it right in the middle of the screen.
WARNING: For this application to work your player have to support standard ICS lockscreen controls. Those players include but are not limited to:
Poweramp, Droidsound, Yandex.Music
To close the widget, double tap it. To resize it, pinch it out or in.
You can launch this app by the regular shortcut or the same way you launch Google Now.




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What’s New

New in version 1.0.1b:
-Fixed bug with non-changable widget size
-Fixed crash on 4.0
-Fixed crash for 4.3
-Long-tap next or previous button to open current player
-Metadata are no longer clickable due to it’s interference with pinch gesture