Samsung Home Monitor+

Samsung Home Monitor (1)Description

Samsung Home Monitor is an application that you can use with the baby monitoring feature found on the latest Samsung Smart Cameras. The Baby Monitoring feature can be used with a smartphone that is connected to the same access point as a Samsung Smart Camera. It can notify you when noise is detected and allows for live monitoring of streamed video.

[Main features]
1. Live Video Monitoring
– Stream video from your smart camera to your smartphone.
2. Sound Detection
– The smart camera will detect noise, such as a baby crying, and send an alarm to the smartphone.
3. Light On/Off
– When the light conditions are low, you can use your smart phone to turn on the camera’s AF assist light and make the video brighter.


– This application is compatible with Samsung cameras manufactured in 2014 or later (for example, WB350F).
– You can use this application on phones running Android OS 2.3.3 that support WVGA or higher resolutions.
– This application may not be compatible with some Android devices.