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Download Tuenti and enjoy the best of a social network and real-time messenger all in a single app. Send free chat messages to anyone and share photos and updates with your friends—and only your friends.Tuenti is a multi-platform app, so it doesn’t matter if you’re connected from a smartphone or computer. Your information is always available from any device, and we make sure it’s private and secure.

Main features:

-Tuenti is a FREE CHAT APPLICATION that offers secure, private communication with your contacts, friends and family.

-Tuenti is a MULTI-PLATFORM app, so it doesn’t matter if your friends and contacts connect from a smartphone or computer. You can always contact them from any device using our encrypted communications system.


-Tuenti is SOCIAL. Import the people in your phonebook and easily choose what information they see. Add people as contacts to send free real-time chat messages, but without sharing your profile. Only the ones you add as friends can
see all the photos and updates you share.

– Tuenti is SIMPLE. The intuitive design includes only the essential social features and works seamlessly across mobile and Web platforms.

-Tuenti is SECURE. Messages are encrypted (SSL) and your information is stored on the cloud, so it stays safe even if you lose your phone.

-Tuenti is PRIVATE. Your information is only visible to the people you trust: your friends. Tuenti doesn’t index anything on external search engines, so you have control over who sees your info.

About us:
Our goal is to provide total connectivity by taking our social platform beyond the Web with a variety of mobile products. We’re a leading technology company working daily to offer innovative products to our users. Our team is made up of more than 250 professionals from over 20 nationalities, working together from our three offices in Madrid and Barcelona. Keep up with all the latest news at blog.tuenti.com.


What’s New

– Tagging is even simpler – tag people in Moments while sharing or in photos you’ve uploaded.
– Voice filters make Voice Messages even more fun.
– Find your voicemails right in chat messages with friends. (Tuenti Móvil)
– We’ve included several performance improvements and a lower battery usage.
Remember, you can access all Tuenti Móvil services from our app: top up, check your credit, listen to your voicemail, purchase a data Bundle, and much more.




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