VimoFit (1)Description

VimoFit is the only Android Wear fitness app that actually tracks your exercises and counts your reps for you. A winning combination of workout routines from the world famous YouTube trainer, Coach Kozak, and our revolutionary motion tracking technology deliver results never thought possible.
7 Minute Android Wear Fitness Features:
– Fitness tracker counts your repetitions automatically using the watch’s motion sensors.
– Work out routines designed by celebrity personal trainer, Coach Kozak, have been used by millions to achieve unbelievable results.
– The benefits of working with a personal trainer with the flexibility of home workouts all on your wrist.
– Video demonstrations of personal trainer accompany each exercise routine.
– Real time exercise tracking counts each repetition for you and allows you to focus on form.
– Track your progress and feel the results.
– Guides you through the entire fitness routine
– Quick and effective workouts.
– Fully integrated with the brand new Android Wear fitness technology.
– Watch timer instructs you how long to perform each exercise and how long to rest.
– Workout without an Android Wear watch by using your phone.
– Verbal cues from personal trainer to ensure proper form.
– Current version features our 7 minute workout
Future Features:
– Create a quick exercise routine based on your fitness level.
– Create customized workout routines for weight loss, strength, cardio, muscle building, and more.
– Create complete customized fitness program designed by a personal trainer based on your fitness level, goals, and frequency of training.
– Create a fitness routine by body part, e.g., ab workouts, arm workouts, butt workouts, chest workouts, and more.
– Log of all exercise routines completed.
– First Android Wear fitness app to automatically detect gym workouts and home workouts.
– Verbal motivation from personal trainer.



What’s New

fix a bug of not loading exercises, so sorry…..