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◆◇◆ NEW ◆◇◆
✩ Output to PDF for FREE! (Previously required a $1.99 in-app purchase)
◆◇◆ Scan and Digitize Your Photos, Notes, Presentation and More!! ◆◇◆
✩ Automatically de-skew, straighten and enhance images.
✩ For Work – capture presentations, meeting notes on whiteboards
✩ For School – capture notes, whiteboards in your class
✩ For Family – digitize your old photos and albums
✩ For Travel – capture a metro map, hiking trail, train timetable on your trip
✩ For Fun – capture whatever fun posters and signs you see, share instantly
✩ Easily Organize – View and organize images in YouSnap albums
✩ Output multiple images as one PDF and share with your friends, family or colleagues.
CyberLink’s YouSnap is a quick and easy app to capture the important information you want to keep. It automatically de-skews and enhances image quality for clean and crisp results. Ideal for capturing meeting presentations, notes on whiteboards, business cards, maps or information posters from the places you visit and want to remember. You can save the images in PDF or JPEG, share them via email or post to Facebook.
The powerful camera app for your Android phone and tablet intelligently isolates, and precisely selects, the important areas in your photos, then instantly corrects the perspective and enhances image quality for clear, legible results.
◆◇◆Capture live presentation slides and turn them into PDFs ◆◇◆
Turning live presentation screens or keynotes into clear PDF documents is easy with YouSnap’s intelligent edge correction and image enhancement technology. Photos of presentation screens are isolated, selected, and then straightened and enhanced for a clean high-quality result. Multiple photos can be saved in a single PDF document.
◆◇◆ Snap and save meeting, classes and whiteboard notes ◆◇◆
YouSnap is the perfect way to save whiteboard notes from meetings, classes and brainstorming sessions. Just snap a photo of the notes you want to archive and YouSnap will correct perspective and lighting problems leaving you with a clear set of meeting notes to refer to, or share with colleagues or classmates via email, directly from the app.
◆◇◆Digitize your old photos and albums ◆◇◆
Make sure your precious memories are with you forever. With YouSnap you can digitize your old family photos you find lying around the house, or even digitally backup entire photo albums, all without a scanner! You can keep these memories with you on your phone or tablet, share them with relatives via email with family, or even post them on Facebook directly from the app.
◆◇◆ Digitally archive documents◆◇◆
Digitizing product brochures, pages of books or handouts, or even contracts, is a lot easier than carrying them all around in hardcopy form for students and professionals. YouSnap helps you store all your important info in digital form on your Android phone or tablet to make learning and working easier.
◆◇◆ Capture and digitize ◆◇◆
A great way to capture information boards at different locations you have visited, directional maps, hotel cards, travel articles, or other important while you’re on the move. Digitize handwritten notes, receipts, invoices, business cards … etc.
◆◇◆ In-app Purchase ◆◇◆
$1.99 in-app purchase available for
✩ Removing advertisement
✩ Removing watermark on output PDF files
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What’s New

– Output to PDF for FREE! ($1.99 in-app purchase to remove watermark on output PDF files)
Previous versions
– Saves PDF file to local disk after sharing. (Save to SDCard/YouSnap)
– Improves the zoom in/out performance on capture page.
– Improves overall user experience.
– Temporary removal of advertisements when ads are closed.
– Adds support for spread/pinch gestures for zooming in/out when capturing images.
– Automatically save cropped images to gallery.




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