Obama Hates Rain

Obama Hates Rain (1)Description

Obama Hates Rain is a simple game where your objective is obvious. Your are Obama’secret Agent and your duty is not to let Obama to soak up, otherwise you will lose.
The controls are simple and intuitive:
-on the left hand side you control the agent left and right
-on the right hand side you can change the hand that hold the umbrella
The game also has local highscores, so you can keep track of you best scores.
It features the White House on the background, and dynamic clouds. The rain behaves naturally, it does coliding with the ground and the umbrella.
It is a great time killer for both adults and kids. Kids can develop their reactions and logic, because you need to find a strategy in order to achieve a higher score in this game.
The concept is very simple, easy to learn, but hard to master.


This game was made with AndEngine. This is not you tipical zombie/flappy bird/runner/shooter game, it tries to be something new.


What’s New

-Updated the controls
-Fixed minor bugs
-Global Leader Boards on the to-do-list for the near future