SolCalendar  (1)Description

Let your Google calendar be perfect. SolCalendar will turn your calendar into a thing of beauty.
It was introduced as one of the ’30 of the most beautiful and well-designed Android apps’ by The Next Web.

SolCalendar works with all the calendars you’ve already got on your phone and the other calendars which support CalDAV like as Yahoo!, Daum as well. It’s completely free!

* Turn Calendar into a Thing of Beauty
– Beautiful wide view ready for you. No more eye strain, Catch every events in calendar at a glance

* Cool Widgets for Your Home Screen
– More than 40 different beautiful widgets provided. Great news for those of you who were getting sick of boringly designed Android widgets

* Check the Weather before You Go!
– Check the weather conditions before you go to your event. Weekly weather forecasts also provided for users who are planning an outdoor trip, a garden party or a date at this weekend


* Adorable Stickers for Your Events
– You need more than a star for an important day. Use symbolic stickers to represent your day & express your feelings!

* Sync with Your Existing Calendars
– Events at Google Calendar will automatically be synced. No extra effort needed. All the other calendars which support CalDAV like as Yahoo! can also be synced by just adding your accounts.

Special Thanks to Translation Contributors
> French : Cédric Dubuis/ Tim Walter / Lee Chae Young
> Russian : Andrew Skobtsov
> Turkish : Muhammet AKTAŞ
> Spanish : Melissa H. / Cintli
> Chinese : Jeun Eun Chang
> Japanese : Lee Ga Young
(We’re looking for volunteer translators! Anyone who’s interested in translating any other languages for SolCalendar contact us via e-mail: [email protected])

We’re always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at: [email protected]

First things first, your SolCalendar



What’s New

v1.0.5 update
1. Better support for iCloud calendar
2. Better support for Buzz launcher
3. Bug fixes for tablet support
v1.0.4 update
1. Support French, Russian, Turkish and Spanish
2. Better support for repeating events
3. Support for iCloud calendars
4. Add navigation buttons in widgets
5. bug fixes