LEGO® MINDSTORMS® 3D Builder (1)Description

3D Builder is the official LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 building instructions. FREE to download to your tablet based smart device. Now you can build EV3RSTORM, TRACK3R, GRIPP3R, SPIK3R and R3PTAR using building instructions viewed in a 3D environment; using intuitive touch gestures you can zoom, pan and orbit around the model’s instructions as you build to get a closer view. Complete the building missions step by step, or watch the animated assembly at your own speed; or even check to see what part of the model you’re building by the click of the sub part viewer. And for the advanced builder; you can tap on each element for a pop-up to appear with the element reference and color.
Create and command robots that do what you want. Unleash the creative powers of the new LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 set to create and command robots that walk, talk, think and do anything you can imagine. Begin by following the easy, step-by-step 3D building instructions to build one of the 5 cool robot characters and command them with your smart device or the included remote control. If you can think it, LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 lets you create it.
LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 box is sold separately.
Also available to download on smart devices:
LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Commander – the official command app from LEGO MINDSTORMS; that puts you in control of your very own EV3 robots.
LEGO MINDSTORMS Fix the Factory – the fun & challenging robot puzzle game from LEGO MINDSTORMS

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  • aikane


    I would like to ask when do you post a download link for that app?
    It is only downloadable for tablets but I would like to check if it runs on my phone.
    Thx in advance.

    • Yes, available now. Enjoy.

    • What device you are using? Don’t forget to report us if it’s working on with.

  • Ksan

    Hi, the data file doesn’t downloaded due to it can’t check the purchased.

    The message is as follow.

    Download failed because you may not have purchased this app.

    Is there any data files?

  • Ksan

    My phone is Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

    • If you want i can download the data files or the latest version of this app. Which one do you want?

  • Ksan

    The data files, please.

    • Okay, please wait for some time as we are on vacation. 🙂