uPod light – Podcast player

uPod light – Podcast player


The brand new podcast player at Google play! with outstanding features like cross device synchronization, inbox and library concept and a modern, holo-based, coverart centric design.
This light version allows you to play two hours of podcasts per month for free – get the uPod License for unlimited access.



▪ Audio playback with speed control¹
▪ Video playback including audio only option
▪ Offline show notes
▪ Drag-and-drop playlist
▪ Cross device sync for playback positions, playlist and nearly everything else
▪ Coverart centric user interface
▪ Effective inbox workflow for assorting new episodes
▪ Automatic, resumable downloads
▪ Automatic media file cleanup
▪ Support for bluetooth headsets and headset controls
▪ Lock screen and notification playback controls
▪ Podcast subscription management
▪ Podcast specific settings
▪ Discover/search new podcasts
▪ Import of subscription lists from OPML files
▪ Responsive layout (phone and tablet support)
▪ Holo design


▪ you need a Google account for uPod to work
▪ ¹) Audio playback speed control requires the installation of an additional app like e.g. the free “Prestissimo”. See http://upod.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/298669 for details


Features planned for future releases
▪ Flattr support
▪ Dark theme
▪ Sleep timer
▪ OPML export
▪ Playback widget


uPod is available in
▪ English
▪ German is coming soon
Help to translate uPod into your favorite language: http://upod.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/330191


Visit the support site to get help or vote for your favorite features.


Please contact me through the support site if something isn’t working as expected before giving a bad rating.


See http://upod.mobi to learn how to follow me via RSS, Google+ or Twitter.


What’s New

Version 1.2
▪ discover popular podcasts by category
▪ search podcasts
▪ episode duration determined during download
▪ streaming support for all episodes
▪ load 50 episodes at a bunch in ‘My podcasts’
▪ load additional episodes when scrolled to bottom in ‘My podcasts’
▪ expandable/collapsable podcast description
▪ action to add random episode to playlist
▪ hide playback bar when playlist is empty
▪ changed action icons “mark read” and “mark finished”
Lots of bug fixes