Angry Zombie: Video Game Dev


Angry Zombie Video GameDev (1)Even the most terrible of brain diseases and death don’t cure a man’s passion. Thus, our undead hero does in his reanimated state what he did best in life: develop games. But this time, with an attitude – slow decay does that to a zombie.You may not think it, but a zombie has his needs, so it’s up to you to keep him happy and working by giving him brains, coffee or even plastic **ahem** dolls. Every successful development brings you one step closer to actually playing your zombie’s creations. So get your most basic psychomotor skills up and running! Features: • One Angry Zombie • Screeching teeth and table punching • Underpants! • Captivating and innovative gameplay where you click Buttons • The annoying Brain button from Hell! • 3 retro mini-games that were totally uninspired by games that may have already existed Angry Zombie doesn’t have a very stable temper, so how about giving him a kind review?



Version 1.0 can access:

Size: 46 MB


Version: 1.0