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Ionage is an Android exclusive, space real-time strategy game where you use giant floating space platforms to do battle in a steampunk themed story of galactic conquest!
You are the leader of the Dakota – the last remaining tribe in the Sol System. After decades of fighting, the other tribes have all left the Earth, one by one, to seek out new riches among the stars. It now falls to you, as the new leader of the Dakota, to lead your tribe’s fleet of nomadic space platforms out into the galaxy to achieve greatness!
The Tribe Wars are over. Welcome to the Ion Age!
Play Ionage and:
• Explore the galaxy at the helm of your fleet of gun-bristling space platforms
• Discover upgrades to customise your weapons
• Recruit specialists for your team and use them to give you the edge in battle
• Synergise your equipment and team to create unbeatable combinations
• Strategise against ingenious AI which will adapt to your every move
“Strategy games will always be one of our favorite genres, in particular thanks to games like Ionage” – AppsZoom
Ionage blends together elements of traditional RTS games, tower defence and even chess to create a fast-paced game of tactics and skill that you’ll find difficult to put down. Beautiful on tablets but resourcefully optimised for smaller screens; Ionage is the perfect companion for your Android device.
Play now for free!
Notes on technical issues:
Please go to the game’s official forums if you run into any technical issues with the game instead of posting here. There is a much better chance I can help you with your problem if you head to:
Notes on IAP:
Ionage is supported by In-App-Purchases (IAP). All purchases are permanent, non-consumable and tied to your gmail account. That way you can buy with confidence, safe in the knowledge that once you have purchased Ionage, you own it forever!
Get access to all the upgrades and specialists with the ‘Recommended Bundle’ available in-game. For the price of a cup of coffee you can experience the game the way it is meant to be played with a one-time purchase.


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What’s New

If you’d like to see the following features in Ionage then support the game’s ongoing development by giving a 5* review:
– Split screen multiplayer
– A brand new campaign to play
– New upgrades and specialists
– Endless mode
– Skirmish mode
1. Significant architecture change should stop crashes when returning to starmap from level
2. Zoom fixed so it is independent of phone resolution.
3. Zoom preference is also remembered between levels
4. Level specific bugs