Android Wear Find My Phone

Android Wear Find My Phone (1)Description

It acts like a leash to your phone. It is the only App that automatically locks your phone when your watch is out of range. It keeps your phone secure.
– Alert: It alerts you when your phone is out of the range of your Android Wear watch. Never forget to carry your phone with you again.
– Find: You can tap on the watch to sound an alarm on the phone. Finding your Phone is so much easier. On the watch say “Ok, Google, start Find My Phone”
– Secure: When your watch is out of the Bluetooth range of your phone, the App automatically locks your phone. Your phone is always secure.
Works with all Android Wear watches, Samsung, LG, Moto 360.
If you do not want the auto locking feature, simply do not grant the App the Device Admin permission.
If you like it, give us a 5 star rating. This App will always be free. So we need the emotional support to keep adding features.
Credit: started with the code base from Android Wear SDK’s example.



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Auto lock phone when watch out of range — your phone is always secure