Balls on my screen

Balls on my screen (1)Description

Balls On My Screen is a game about numbers and connecting.
In Classic Mode you have one minute to connect as many balls of the same value as possible. Connect balls up to their own value, two 2’s, three 3’s and so on. Drag +/-1 over a ball to change its value if there are no more moves left.
In Arcade mode you gain time every time you make a combination, but as time moves faster you have to play as fast as possible to play for as long as you can!
Zen mode lets you play for as long as you want, you can save your progress.
You can now use the points you score during your games to buy Changelings (+1/-1) and Suggestives (the moves recommendation algorithm)
*Permissions are required to connect to the Google+ online leaderboard to view and share high scores



What’s New

Re-introducing Zen Mode, minor bug fixes
Any issues with the updates, please get in touch: [email protected]