Botifier (1)Description

Pushes Android notifications from the notification drawer to any connected bluetooth device supporting AVRCP 1.3
* Show notifcations on car radio
* Show application as artist
* Show summery as album
* Play notifcation via TTS (text to speech)
* Show full notification text as title (can be splitted over multiple chunks max length is configurable)
* Use next / previous track to navigate through notifications
* Use pause / play button to remove notifcation
* Use forward button to close notification stream might help to regain focus to previous playing audio.

Uses new Notificationlistener service don’t forget to enable this under settings -> security
Note: This api is only available since Android 4.3 hence Botifier is only compatible with 4.3

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What’s New

Use notificationlistener instead of Accessibility makes it possible to control notifcation way better
Make custom messages work
Add the TTS ability
Swith to HOLO black theme
* Fix issue with Google Play Music