Showear: Android Wear Lock

Showear Android Wear Lock (1)Description

Showear is a simple utility avoiding your shower to take control of your smartwatch, but generally speaking it is a lock screen for Android Wear.
Using the app is simple:
1. Define an unlock sequence on your phone using the companion app;
2. Launch Showear on your watch.
Now your smartwatch will be accessible only after the insertion of the right sequence.
Showear actually provides next functionalities:
– Lock screen on swipe from outside the screen (bottom up)
– Opaque or transparent lock screen
– Automatically unlock watch on screen sand-by
– Screen brightness reduction for a lower energy consumption
– Always-on screen mode
Development is just begun and new functionalities will be added according to feedback, so feel free to write me at: [email protected].



What’s New

Showear has now a new lock method: swipes sequence. You can define on your phone a sequence of swipes and taps to be reproduced in order to unlock the watch.
Minor updates are as follows:
– The watch vibrates when you reproduce a lock sequence;
– The app name on watch is now “Lockscreen” in order to be launched via voice command.
Settings have two new entries:
– Enable/disable vibration;
– Show/hide swipes sequence in lock screen.