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Watch full episodes of your favorite CBS shows with the free CBS app for Android! Enjoy primetime, daytime and late night episodes from America’s most watched network.

Catch up on NCIS, The Big Bang Theory, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, How I Met Your Mother, Survivor, Elementary, The Young and the Restless, The Late Show with David Letterman and many more.
Use the ‘My CBS’ feature to be notified when episodes of your favorite shows have been added to the app.
Check out the Primetime Schedule to learn what’s coming up on CBS and set reminders for single episodes or special events – never miss a moment!
CBS app includes these features:
* Full Episode Streaming in HD
* Personalized Show List
* Photo Galleries and Cast Pages
* Primetime Schedule
Download the free CBS app now on your Android device to experience all of this and more!
Show and episode availability subject to change. Some shows available 24 hours after first airing, others available 8 days after initial broadcast. Please note use of the app is limited to United States and its territories. Video is accessible via 3G, 4G, LTE, and WiFi networks. Data charges may apply. No subscription fee.



  • donbamo

    Hey can you please update the cbs apk. it no longer work. there is an updated version

    • Thanks for your request. I updated the app. Hit the Download button today!


  • NiceMan

    Hi, can you please update the cbs apk. it no longer work. Ther ist an updated version again. Thanks 🙂

  • GreenEyes

    This doesn’t work because there is a new version. Please update the app.



    • Olivia Roy

      it’s already up to date.

  • Steel567

    Not working. 🙁 Please update this app.

    • Updated again!Download Now.

      • Steel567

        Is working now 🙂 Thank you 😀

  • RedHeart

    Nice it works 😀
    But seems like that this app is not working when it is not the current version. How can I update this app by my own when this case will happen? 😀

    • JohnJane

      I think you can updated it in google playstore

      • Olivia Roy

        yeah that’s one option, or you can just ask here and we will do the rest. Enjoy!

  • Anıl Can

    Hi. I set the app version 1.1.62 but when ı started the video , ıt has said : Error : Connection Lost. PLease try again. I use the wifi connection. Why has it said like that ?

    • Maybe a temporary server outage. You sure your wi-fi is okay? Maybe it can have a little hiccup also!

      • Anıl Can

        My wi-fi is okay. But maybe a temporary server outage. When ı launched , it said : We are unable to retrieve data from CBS servers. Please check your network settings and try again. But ı think this problem from my geographic region. Because ı have entered the on the computer , started the video and it said : The video you have requested is not avaible for your geographic region. I use S3 and live in Turkey.

        • Yes I saw that you are from turkey and most of the videos there are country specific and mainly available for American region. Did you try some other videos which are open for the world? You can send me the video link which you are trying to watch and lets see what it have to tell! In the mean time you can try some tools to unlock stuffs. It may work or not but there’s no loss to give it a try.

          • Anıl Can

            I downloaded it and used . VPN is on , but CBS still has said error : connection lost. please try again. VPN is a good idea. I downloaded another vpn that’s name is Spotflux. It doesn’t change anything for CBS. Never mind. Thanks a lot for your help.

          • It’s Good to hear that it worked for you Anıl. 🙂 Yes, VPN is always a good idea but most of them are not free and slows the browsing speed. If Hotspot Shield is working good for you then great, we will feature this software on our site. Thank you also for sharing us your experience. I will eagerly wait to hear from you again.

            Take care!

          • Anıl Can

            Ohh, I did it 🙂 It works 🙂 I downloaded hotspot shield. ıt connected from USA . ı entered the CBS and ı can open the video. You said mainly avaible for American region. you said true 🙂 Thanks for your help again. 🙂